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Hitachi in Vietnam

High Functional Materials & Components

We innovate. You create.

High functional materials and components play a critical role in innovation. They are enablers that help companies to enhance performance of modern products and systems.

At Hitachi, we specialise in the development of these technologies. We use our expertise in nanotechnology and other specialised disciplines to create high functional materials and components that empower our customers to bring forth new innovations.

Our Amorphous Metals Metglas® is a great example of this. The product uses its low energy loss properties to enable development of small, lightweight and highly efficient amorphous transformers. Similarly, our NEOMAX® technology leverages its sintered magnetic properties to power big and small machines.

Our everyday essentials, including wires and cables form the lifelines of industrial infrastructures, power systems and data and telecommunication networks. In addition, we provide high-speed railway rolling stock cables, magnet wires for hybrid electric vehicles and magnet wires for wind power generators. With an eye for a sustainable future, we are constantly pushing boundaries to develop advanced materials and components that enable innovation.

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