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Hitachi in Vietnam

Power Systems

Transforming the future

The world is facing serious environmental challenges. Excessive exploitation of fossil fuels has pushed carbon emissions to the extreme and global temperatures to the brink.
Times have changed… so now your quest for sustainable power doesn't have to.

At Hitachi, we are fueled by our drive to look beyond the usual for sustainable and affordable energy solutions. Some we source from the ground and above; some we dig underneath. Regardless of the source, we generate power in a way that is safe and sustainable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

Alternative is the new traditional. Whether it’s solar or nuclear, wind or photovoltaic, Hitachi combines its innovation with its expertise gained over a hundred years, to bring pioneering renewable energy solutions that make a difference – to your business, and to the environment at large.

We don’t just produce power. We are also helping to transmit and distribute it efficiently through our wide array of specialized, high performance electrical equipment. By ensuring our presence across all stages of the value chain, we provide total coordination and control over power production, procurement and transmission, thus enabling our customers to achieve more.

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