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Hitachi in Vietnam

Social Infrastructure & Industrial Systems

Revolutionizing infrastructures. Reshaping lives.

At Hitachi, we have a passion for creating technologies that benefit communities at large. That’s why we are in the business of revolutionising and transforming urban developments through our leading edge social infrastructure and industrial equipment solutions.

From transportation and building facilities to water treatment and desalination systems, our industrial and infrastructure technologies are constantly in action, making your lives safer, more convenient and comfortable. You might not notice us, but we are there with you, working for you behind the scenes. Whether you’re taking the train in the morning, going up the office elevator or enjoying a refreshing glass of water, chances are you’re surrounded by Hitachi’s products and solutions.

You will often find our products being used to build, run and maintain commercial and industrial centres, establishments and buildings. Whether it’s our motors, pumps, inverters, air compressors, hoists or transformers, our diverse range of industrial products and equipment continue fuelling progress across the globe. To enable bustling urban centres cope with growing traffic congestion, Hitachi provides a full suite of smart urban transport systems and solutions. From station equipment, signalling systems, power supply, track layout and renewal to designing and manufacturing rolling stock, on board components, maintenance and traffic management, we are there everywhere, ensuring everything runs and moves smoothly.

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